Max Brenner at Marina Mirage

September 6, 2013


The first thing that popped up on my must-eat list when faced with the prospect of going to Australia was Max Brenner. Being the chocoholic I am, I was always full of envy for my friends studying/living in Australia (and some of those in Singapore) who got to savour the delicious-ness that was Max Brenner. The boo and I braved the cold windy night and ended up in Max Brenner at Marina Mirage near Seaworld on our second last day. It was only 8pm and we were amongst the only people there, but more and more people (some in gym wear) started rolling in and by the time we left there was a sizeable queue behind us. Indeed, it did not disappoint. We only had enough space to share a Chocolate Banana Pizza between the both of us, and it was heavenly. Much better than that Theobroma and Dip n Dip stuff we get back here in KL. I swear if we had a Max Brenner here with quality as good as the ones in Australia, I would go every week.

We couldn’t finish it so we packed the rest and had it for breakfast the next morning. Only on holiday would I ever have chocolate for breakfast.

Max Brenner
Shop 24 Ground Floor,
Marina Mirage/74 Seaworld Dr,
Main Beach QLD 4217,


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