Narrowneck Beach

August 31, 2013

Remember how I said the boo and  I came across a quiet beach by the name of Narrowneck Beach? It wasn’t really a deliberate find as it was really jammed up going to Surfer’s Paradise and I really wanted to go to a beach, so we just stopped by anywhere with proper parking. It was almost sundown and the weather was turning cold and windy. Strange how it got especially windy on our last two days.

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The sand was so clean and the water was so warm. I think the highlight of our trip (save for the whales) was our time together on this beach, just that short hour that we spent here.

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I can’t remember the last time I was near a beach so I was quite happy to take my shoes off and get my feet dirty. I walked all the way up to the edge of the coastline and dug my feet in the soft sand, picked seashells and watched the surfers.


Those who know me will know that it’s very rare for me to able to spend time like this, on my own terms, away from everything at home. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as liberated as during that hour before, especially by the sea which I’ve always loved. I don’t mean I love being at sea (as evident by my terrible sea-sickness from whale watching) but I love to watch the sea, listen to the waves hitting the sand and smell that saltwater.

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