Gold Coast Day 3: Lone Pine Sanctuary and Southbank

August 23, 2013

On our third day, we headed to Lone Pine Sanctuary to look at what Australia was most famous for: koalas and kangaroos! Being at the sanctuary kinda reminded me of the time I went to KL Bird Park (except Lone Pine is colder, doesn’t smell like bird poop and there were just a little bit less feathers floating around everywhere).


We started off with the Birds of Prey show before walking around looking at other stuff.

The Australian Masked Owl.

IMG_2307 Everybody arming themselves with fancy camera gear to take photos of birds/koala bears, including yours truly.


The bird show was pretty interesting, and scary too since the birds were flying from one end to another right above our heads. A very important safety precaution to remain seated at all times in case an eagle hurtled towards your face and pecked your eye out.


Super adorable and intelligent border collies at the sheepdog show.



Kangaroos! They were so adorable! We bought a bag of kangaroo feed and it was the most adorable thing ever. They kept pooping everywhere though, like if they stood still at one spot they would be calmly pooping out little pellets before taking a couple of small hops to their next pooping spot.

IMG_2470IMG_2475IMG_2483IMG_2486IMG_2489IMG_2498 IMG_2504 IMG_2505IMG_2509 IMG_2513IMG_2518 IMG_2530

Koala bears were so cute!!! Except the whole place smelled like eucalyptus.

IMG_2538 IMG_2540 IMG_2547IMG_2552IMG_2554-horzIMG_2562

We headed to Southbank Parklands for dinner after since we were already so near to Brisbane city.


IMG_2587 IMG_2591IMG_2595 IMG_2602IMG_2608 IMG_2616-horz IMG_2678IMG_2681 IMG_2635 IMG_2685-horz IMG_2708IMG_2714-horz IMG_2723IMG_2728 IMG_2736IMG_2743IMG_2786-tile

Dinner was at Bamboo Basket, a highly rated Chinese restaurant by Urbanspoon (we used Urbanspoon a lot over there). The food was really good, authentic and dare we say it was better than a lot of Chinese restaurants in KL. Everything was done well, the fried chicken was delicious, the duck was tender and flavourful. Best of all were the french beans which were full of wok hei with bits of dried shrimp, garlic and meat! It was so good the boo scraped it all up to eat with his rice. Definitely one of the highlights of food on our trip (ironically CHINESE food).


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