There are a few things that you will notice about me. I love food, I love travel and I love photography. On this blog, you'll find lots of photos of the seemingly mundane, but it was always important to me to document every part of my daily life no matter how mundane it may be. I believe that there is beauty everywhere if only you look hard enough.

My boyfriend and I are photography enthusiasts and dream of the day when we can do this full-time. We're not there in terms of our skills yet, but we are trying hard every day. This blog especially is a place for me to share my daily shots - the more practice I get, the better my photos will get.

We've shot a post-wedding 1st year anniversary, I've shot on a for-fun basis at the boo's friend's wedding, and we shot a surprise engagement for the boo's close friends in 2013.

We're very far from where we want to be, but I believe that with hard work, one day we will get there and it would be the best thing that ever happens to me.

If you would like to commission us for a shoot, advertorial, sponsorship, or just to say hi; you can find my contact details here.

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