Wai Meng and Olivia get married

July 23, 2013

The boo had the honour of being one of the entourage for Wai Meng and Olivia’s wedding last weekend so of course I tagged along and had the opportunity to take some photos of the groom’s entourage during their preparation period. I shot most of the photos in black and white with highest aperture due to the average lighting but surprisingly everything came out looking well. My newest love is now black and white!
I put up all the photos on Facebook already, but as usual Facebook compresses everything with a vengeance so to spare my eyes the pain of low resolution photos, here we go again.

IMG_0762IMG_0785 IMG_0789

IMG_0828-horzIMG_0839IMG_0856IMG_0862IMG_0859IMG_0875IMG_0879IMG_0888 IMG_0897
IMG_1322IMG_1316 IMG_1340

Had a ball of a time at the wedding and shooting at the wedding! Wai Meng and Olivia were lovely as were the rest of the entourage. And I’m really getting into the groove of all this wedding photography stuff so that’s another step closer to our dream. :)


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