Death by Chocolate, Grand Hyatt KL

September 15, 2013

A while back Jon and I went for the Chocolate Buffet at Grand Hyatt hotel for tea. Both of us being avid chocoholics, we expected to stuff our faces full with chocolates and even had a light lunch (I had a salad) and everything. Disappointingly, we only managed two tiny plates of chocolate goodies before we began to feel absolutely sick to our stomachs. I suppose everyone has a limit for chocolates, even those that love it with a passion.



Anyway, all the treats offered were made using quality Valrhona chocolates (which are super luxury) and all of them tasted absolutely scrumptious. I especially enjoyed the mini chocolate mousse with raspberry cakes, and the chocolate covered almonds. Macarons came in three varieties: white, milk, and dark chocolate. The pralines were top-notch as well, with the white chocolate one being the stand out (for having a ginger filling) and the dark chocolate (for having a raspberry filling).Too bad we felt satiated so quickly, would have been nice to be able to try everything that was offered.


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