Hakataya Ramen, Surfers Paradise again

September 8, 2013

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Being avid ramen fans, the boo and I never miss an opportunity to try new ramen especially one that is highly recommended by everyone who has visited Surfer’s Paradise. Hakataya Ramen was located in a small and rather grotty corner of Surfer’s Paradise amidst dodgy-looking tattoo shops and travel agencies, but we knew we struck gold when we arrived and saw a sizeable crowd consisting of locals and Japanese alike.
What we loved about Hakataya was the refill of noodles (kae-dama) at no charge when you finish your portion, and the spicy pickled mustard greens that you take with your bowl of steaming hot ramen. The boo enjoyed his spicy noodles very much but I still think I prefer the ones at Santouka back home. Anyway, Hakataya definitely makes the second top spot of my ramen list.

Hakataya Ramen
Shop 26 Centre Arcade,
3131 Surfers Paradise Blvd.,
Surfers Paradise


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