Our last day in Gold Coast

September 19, 2013

The final day we were in Australia, we spent most of the day at Surfer’s Paradise again relaxing and eating up a storm. We had planned nicely to leave for Brisbane CBD by 4.30pm so that we would have plenty of time to find our way around the city for dinner and then straight to the airport.


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As always, things hardly ever go according to plan. We picked up our luggage at 5 sharp and by the time we arrived in Brisbane CBD it was already 6.30. Elizabeth Street was bustling with the Friday crowd. The busy environment threw me off a little bit coming from seven straight days of mellow crowds and slow-moving people. Madtongsan II (the Korean place we planned to eat at) was packed to the brim and then some. All the other restaurants had a line that seemed to go on forever.
By the time we found a restaurant (Café East at Elizabeth Street Mall) that had empty tables I was almost on the edge of a mini panic attack. Luckily, the waitress was very accommodating and sped up our order after we mentioned that we were rushing to the airport.

We arrived at the airport at 8 sharp and dropped the car off before collapsing in a pile of exhaustion and relief. Me from my panic attack and not having showered since 10 in the morning with no hope of seeing a showerhead till the next day. Luckily I slept well on the plane.

Travelling  on my own with the boo was definitely an experience, one that I found more enjoyable than stressful. It helps that he’s so much more organized, so much more street smart than me and takes such good care of me: making sure I’m hydrated and sleeping properly.


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