Quick (word-y) update

December 27, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone! I realize it’s been almost 10 days since my last update (I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without updating) and I’m not going to abandon this space. Rather, I’ve been too busy to sit down and properly edit all the photos from the last week. This is the first year that both the boo and I are celebrating Christmas together in KL (first year he was in New York and second year we were at Disneyland (!!)) so we spent it pretty much with his family. Lots of family birthdays during December.

My Christmas week – I like to drag all occasions into week-long celebrations – can basically be summed up in one sentence: lots of good food! Seriously, in the last week alone, I had turkey, roast lamb, ribs, international buffet, nyonya food, italian food, and lots and lots of pasta and yummy home-cooked meals. Seriously, for a foodie like me what more can I ask for?
For the boo’s birthday we had an amazing buffet lunch at Mosaic Mandarin Oriental which is highly raved about as one of the best buffets in the city. For winter solstice we had the boo’s favourite nyonya food (that Portuguese Devil Curry is still on my mind…) and the squid ink pasta with anchovies and prawns from Midi 57 was the best squid ink ever.

Coming back to work from a 6-day holiday is a bit of a reality check, but all is well as my bosses (yes I have SEVEN bosses) are all going overseas one by one nyehehehe. However, my manager is having a sort of hissy fit about my leave and complained to my colleague about me being missing from work…. I think he’s the one missing the festive gene hmph.

Coming up next: Christmas party at the boo’s place tomorrow night (I’m making brownies!) and meeting up with some school friends on Sunday. Bring on the festivities because I’m still in the holiday mood!

On a final note, we’re now on a downhill journey for the rest of the year. 2014 is coming up just next week and the next few days will be a time for me to reflect on this year, and what I want from myself for the coming year.


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