Soaking up the sun on Santa Monica Beach

November 22, 2013


Beaches always leave the most lasting impressions on me during my travels and Santa Monica is no different. The pier on Santa Monica was charming and whimsy (its a 100-year old landmark!), with a tiny roller coaster and Ferris wheel which we took of course.

We took the roller coaster twice and it looked deceiving; we thought it would be a mild ride but turned out it wasn’t mild at all. The Ferris wheel was such a tourist thing to do, but it let us have a better view of the city and the sea, and it was my very first time on a Ferris wheel. The clam chowder was one of the best we had on the trip (somehow all clam chowders taste amazing there and I may have mentioned this before) but other seafood was forgettable. There was also a Bubba Gump there serving food priced the same as back in KL but in USD instead so we didn’t bother going for that.

My only regret was not being able to walk on the beach  on account of wearing fur boots on the day we visited.


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