Hollywood Boulevard and Madame Tussauds Hollywood

November 14, 2013

A quick one today as I’m nodding off from lack of sleep. Recently discovered the joys of Desperate Housewives all over again so instead of sleeping early I’m hooked on the TV every night knowing that the next day I have to get up early and survive 8 hours at work urgh.

The few things I remember most about Hollywood Boulevard after one whole year was that it was crowded, there was bits of trash everywhere and it was full of street performers. Other than that, there wasn’t really that much to look. We got to see the iconic Roosevelt Hotel and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre so all was not lost. Did you know that apparently the Roosevelt Hotel is allegedly super haunted by the ghosts of deceased celebrities?

Photos by the GF1 again.


This is my first time at any sort of wax museum, and I was actually a little creeped out by the wax figures. For one thing, most of them looked quite different from the real person and had some sort of creepy thing going on behind the eyes and smile. Maybe it was just me, and memories of House of Wax.
On the way back we stopped by this charming bakery by the name of Crumbs. Jason bought his huge M&M cookie and we bought two massive cupcakes to nom on back at the hotel. They were so moist! Why can’t cupcakes in KL be as good as these?


  1. Oh! Those cupcakes look so delicius! Espero que andes muy bien, la verdad me encantó tu blog. Te invitamos a pasar por el nuestro, abrazos :)

    1. Thank you! Nice blog you have too, I dropped by. :)