Day 1 in Gold Coast: Carrara Markets

August 19, 2013

And so I have survived my first week back with little drama and not-as-severe-as-I-feared post-holiday syndrome. It helps to have a lot of work to get on with everyday. I barely had much time to take a breather all week between the preparation of payments and AGM related materials before all the council members left for the month. =.="

Anyway, flying to Australia this time was a piece of cake. When you’ve been stuck in a plane for 16 odd hours flying to USA, anything less than that feels amateur. It’s like watch a couple of movies, have a meal, take a short nap and poof you’re there! Flying back was even better since this time the boo and I bought ourselves a neck pillow each. Why oh why didn’t I discover the neck pillow earlier. It would have saved me a lot of pain on that 16 hour flight because using the neck pillow actually help me sleep comfortable for 6 hours from Brisbane to KL. Best sleep on a plane ever.

IMG_1490 IMG_1500-vertIMG_1505-horz

I get really happy looking at the clouds from the window of my plane seat, and I make a point to try and stay awake to see the sun set across the horizon. Before a flight, I always do a mental calculation on the time zones, whether I’m flying towards a sun set. Watching the sun paint the sky pinks and oranges makes me feel at awe with the simple beauty of nature.


We arrived pretty late after settling all the car rental stuff, sim card purchase and it was also about an hour’s journey from Brisbane International Airport to the apartment we were going to be staying in at Gold Coast. Needless to say a shower and bed was what everybody was looking forward to.

The next day we headed to Carrara Markets for brunch and a look-see. Carrara Markets touts itself as Queensland’s biggest and best permanent markets but we were a little disappointed with the stuff they sold there.


Only here though as everywhere else you had to pay for sauce.

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More to come!


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