Gold Coast Day 5: Sea world

August 28, 2013

We skipped the whole Movie World and Dreamworld theme park thing on our visit to GC. I was actually pretty much looking forward to going to Movie World even though everyone assured me that it was small and I shouldn’t expect too much – but seriously, taking pictures with Batman, Bugs Bunny, Marilyn and taking all the rides (those that don’t look too scary anyway) are tourist traditions.

Since we’ve been to the original Disneyland in Anaheim (or better known as the happiest place on earth literally) the boo and his parents decided that we should skip all the theme parks. Sea World was bought on a package deal with whale watching so we went for that instead.


IMG_3279IMG_3281 IMG_3313-horz IMG_3344 IMG_3328-horzIMG_3317 IMG_3333-horzIMG_3360-tile IMG_3338-horzIMG_3461-vert IMG_3374IMG_3376 IMG_3505-horzIMG_3546-vert IMG_3458-horz

This little girl is the cutest ever. Just look at the size of her eyes!


Jason being Jason.

IMG_3462 IMG_3431 IMG_3434IMG_3423 IMG_3419-horzIMG_3450IMG_3476 IMG_3365

On the right is Frozen Coke which cost us 5AUD. But it was very thirst-quenching and it was a very hot day.


The Spongebob parade.


The first corkscrew and 360 degree rollercoaster that Jane, Jason and I ever took in our lives, and the track had two corkscrews! Granted it was tiny and lasted only about 20 seconds but it’s a huge achievement for me since I only took the first rollercoaster in my life in Disneyland about 8 months ago.

IMG_3576IMG_3608IMG_3610 IMG_3627 IMG_3630IMG_3618 IMG_3614-vertIMG_3624

Mother polar bear caring for her cub in a separate enclosure.

IMG_3664-horzIMG_3689 IMG_3716 IMG_3734IMG_3727

Sunsets in Gold Coast just seem to be much more beautiful than the ones back here in KL.


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