More from Disneyland, California Adventure; and some overexcitement

November 8, 2013

After a day (and a half) spent at Disneyland Resort, we headed opposite to Disneyland California Adventure. It’s newer than Disneyland Resort and has more of the updated characters from later Disney animations. I was kind of reluctant to leave Disneyland Resort and actually begged the boo for us to spend our last day there instead of California Adventure (the naivete of me to think that California Adventure would be boring) and I’m glad he didn’t cave in as we got to visit Cars Land which was amazing! I don’t care that people think that Cars is the Disney underdog, I still enjoyed the movie very much and the world that it was set in.

I realize this may be a little boring for those who have me on Facebook, since I’ve already posted all these on Facebook about a year ago, just updating them with new editing. These photos were all taken with the GF1. I kind of miss that little companion of mine; small but packed a real punch and one of the original Micro Four-Thirds to cause a stir back in the DSLR-toting days.


We ended up having the best time ever at California Adventure, the best peppermint ice-cream ever and the best ride ever! The Cars Land experience was amazing. As usual, since the parks are so big, we didn’t have time to explore the whole place. I can’t wait to go again!

Anyway, I can’t believe how excited I am feeling about this weekend, because I’ve finally decided to try shooting in raw. I know I know, I can’t believe that I haven’t even tried shooting raw for real before. I stumbled onto Alice Gao’s blog a few days ago and have been happily stalking her archives, when I noticed that she’s a whiz with white balance. She actually shared a collage of some seriously orange shots before posting the after-processing shots on her blog. White as the paper on my desk. I don’t know how she did it, other than the fact that she shot in raw and everybody knows that white balance is most easily adjusted in raw format.

That’s going to be my new challenge this weekend. To shoot in raw, and to learn how to adjust for white balance until everything that’s supposed to be white stays white and all other colour remain accurate. Wish me luck!


  1. So fun!! And shooting in raw is AMAZING. As for the white balance, you have a lot more information and control over changing the coloring. There are automatic presents for white balance in lightroom, as well, you can manually adjust the color temp to get the feel you're going for. So worth it!!

    1. Yes! I am discovering that now and I'm loving it. I'm guessing you're a raw shooter too?