On being myself

November 6, 2013

Dear Future Me,

I write this now because I feel empowered and this is intended for you to read when you are feeling insecure (hopefully not as much as you do these days), unsure and lost about whether you’ll reach where you intend to maybe some 5 or so years down the line (hopefully not that long!!).

It is a reminder to you to always stay true to yourself, that being yourself in the art that you create, the words that you write, or the work that you do is the most important thing. On a long work day or even after long weeks of monotonous work doing things that you don’t care for, I know you start to lose track of yourself. Especially when you’re looking at so many photography journals of people who’ve already made it and who are so much better than you.

In times like those, always remember that with hard work you’ll get where you want to be. Good things don’t happen overnight; it takes hard work, dedication, determination, practice. Remember not to despair when you are rejected because with rejection comes learning, and with learning comes improvement. Always strive to become better than you already are and never be lazy and never settle for mediocrity.

Most importantly, it takes being yourself and not trying to emulate somebody else to fully realize your potential. Take photos for yourself, not for anyone else, and never lose confidence or hope in your dream.


Present-day you.


  1. true words. it does take time. to learn. to find out who you really are. to find a good balance between feeling insecure and empowered.

    1. Exactly. I think I'm still in the process of finding a balance between insecurity and empowerment since I feel insecure more than I feel empowered *sheepish smile*