Coming back to reality

February 10, 2014

I took a six day leave from work during Chinese New Year and just got back last Thursday. Coming back to work after such a long leave was definitely difficult especially after all the festivity of Chinese New Year. Not to mention management has just changed hands at my place of work and we have new procedures, new bosses, new manager, new everything. I've always been a very constant person, and this job is anything but constant. That probably explains why I’ve been dreading work with such fervour for the past few days.

I haven’t managed to snatch any time to update this space either, which explains the severe lack of posts (sorry!) Also, the boo and I are working hard on something that will hopefully take our photography ambition to the next level in the coming months. Looking forward to launching that soon!



The boo’s whole family celebrated Grandpa Siew’s birthday last week at Oriental Pavilion. The place was packed to the brim and noise level resembled a fish market, but that’s how it’ll be because the food is wonderful there. I shot a lot of candid photos, which is my favourite type of photography; I just love that unguarded moment of true emotion and reflection of personality.

There should be more CNY photos coming up soon.. can’t believe I still haven’t completed the Christmas batch of photos argh! And I just finished the makeup trial shoot photos from the other day. Feeling super inefficient right now. :(


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