A good ol’ sandwich with the boys

January 13, 2014


Last year (or rather 3 weeks ago) we brought Mike and Jovi for sandwiches at Pickle and Fig and we had a ball of a time (or rather I did) forgetting that Mike carries a pen drive around his neck. The Christmas special sandwich that we had was a miss, so I think we’d better stick to their warm panini offerings in future. That weekend was full of meeting up with friends (same week as the Christmas BBQ at the boo’s place) and I remembered feeling all buzzed seeing my friends and catching up with what was going on in their lives. There’s almost never a serious moment with these two.

On a more recent note, I am still very busy, and I am also very sad to say that I’ve sold my 100mm macro lens because I was feeling extremely broke. In Jovi’s words I was near “starving on the streets” lol. In hindsight, I probably made the right decision anyway since the lens was heavy and was always focus hunting BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t dearly miss the sharpness, the fact that I could shoot macro if I wanted to and that red ring (sorry I’m such a snob).

I’ve recently acquired the 50mm f1.4 USM (which was on my wishlist yay) and I’m learning to use the lens properly. For some odd reason I’m not getting the sharpness that I’m expecting out of this lens. Anyhow, I’m glad I managed to take the 100mm on a macro test run, so I’ll hopefully be posting up some photos from that (when I’ve got some free time) doing a sort of field-review, and also doing a short review of the 50mm f1.4. Till then!


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