Weekend Barbecues

September 25, 2013

It’s 10.30am in the morning right now and I am actually blogging. No, I’m not really that free, but I’m having a horrible flu and generally feeling very under the weather so I’m really not feeling up to doing any work. Hence my procrastination and not-arsed-ness.

These pictures were taken months ago at a stay-in weekend barbecue with the boo’s family. My favourite moments are these, relaxing weekends when everybody gathers around and makes good food and good conversation.

Taco wants summa dat too.

Weekends spent cooking at home are a regular occurrence now. In addition to making our weekends more low-key, it’s a great way for everyone to bond and learn more about cooking and making our own food to sustain ourselves. Good practice for when we’re living on our own in hopefully a couple of years’ time.


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