The Supermoon

June 26, 2013


On Sunday night the boo was driving me home and I happened to look up towards the sky (completely unaware that the 23rd of June was the appearance of the Supermoon) and there was the moon, looking back at me in all its splendour and glory. Even with my naked eye I could see craters and bumps on the surface of the moon.


I was excited to go home and shoot this beautiful moon with my new gear (something previously unimaginable with my GF-1) and the pictures really did not disappoint. Albeit not very sharp at 100% cropped (and I did crop quite tightly) but sometimes you’ll just have to make do with low budget gear.

I learnt something new from shooting this. Dial down exposure and switch to spot metering so that the moon won’t get blown out against the dark sky. Managed to get a decent shot with 1/500s shutter at ISO320 considering the pitch black night sky.



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